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Chat Pile (God's Country)

Released: 2022

Genre: Math rock, Hardcore, Noise

Sounds Like: The Jesus Lizard, Bitter Branches, Mammock

Homeland: Oklahoma

Chat Pile

Album Overview

  • God’s Country is an unfettered glimpse into the mind of a brilliant madman

  • A stream of consciousness dark confessional that feels like a banned snuff film from the early 80s

  • A raw onslaught, of visionary, math rock and hardcore

  • The new generation Jesus lizard

  • The band’s fourth release is their most diverse and impactful to date

  • The album is chock full of unforgettable lines from “I think about killing you every day” to “Everywhere in the walls new roach babies hatch” and “think there was brain on my shoes”

  • A whirlwind of experimental sound yet tight melodies that grow with each listen


Standout Track(s)


An absolute masterpiece. The track takes a deep dive into the schizophrenic consciousness of an inner mental conflict that feels so cathartic and productive. You feel the struggle work it’s way out with the anguishing release of “stop it”. Fantastic contrast on this track.


Track Listing:

1. Slaughterhouse 4:12

2. Why 3:31

3. Pamela 4:57

4. Wicked Puppet Dance 3:07

5. Anywhere 5:47

6. Tropical Beaches, Inc. 3:46

7. The Mask 2:57

8. I Don't Care If I Burn 2:54

9. grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg 9:05


Brew Pairing

A hidden gem tucked away in Easton Massachusetts is Shovel Town Brewery. Their signature IPA Flyaway at 7.2% ABV is the perfect blend to assuage the chaos of God’s Country. Brewed with only Citra hops - in which orange, grapefruit and peach flavors take off. Flyaway is light on the palette, with a clean citrus finish..

Chat Pile are:

Raygun Busch - Singer

Luther Manhole - Guitar

Stin - Bass

Captain Ron - Drums

Follow Chat Pile: Bandcamp / Facebook


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