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Houston (The Biggest Shove in Space)

Released: 2023

Genre: Hard rock

Sounds Like: Far, Rival Schools

Homeland: Minnesota

Houston The Biggest Shove in Space

What makes The Biggest Shove in Space elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • After a 20 year hiatus, Houston return with a comforting 90's inspired hard rock album for fans of Far or Rival Schools

  • Infectious rhythms coupled with often muffled vocals lead the way on this album. The production is clear as each instrument stands out and played to perfection

  • The whimsical album art is unique and triguing, leaving us guessing what lies behind the cover

  • The Biggest Shove in Space shows Houston's strong formula for writing catchy tunes as their chemistry is tremendous. This is a sleeper album and once you get into their style of rock, it will be hard to keep out of your rotation


Track Listing:

1.San Diego 4:52

2. DntUWry 2:27

3. ThsNvrHpnd 3:39

4. 50 Years Of Revenge 3:22

5. WkUpStrpdDwn 2:45

6. Static And Cicadas 3:51

7. AKThndrFk 2:50

8. Wag The Dog 2:07

9. Dscpln 3:18

10. North 3:16

11. Five0judgeNjury 3:56

12. Elton Bezus 4:04


Dive deeper into The Greatest Shove in Space with our Q&A with Houston

OHMs Peak: What’s behind the album title The Biggest Shove in Space? How did that come about?

Houston: That’s a lyric taken from the 3rd track on the album 'ThsNvrHpnd'.

OHMs Peak: Your sound captures a unique 90s independent feel. Can you provide a glimpse into your writing process & influences?

Houston: Sure, well we all have pretty varied tastes and we all contribute ideas. On this record each of us threw in songs we had written on our own and then had each other put their stamp on it. Jeff really made everything come together with his vocals and production.

OHMs Peak: What was the impetus that brought you back together after 20 years?

Houston: We had some unrecorded songs that we wanted to put down for posterity sake. That turned into the EP we put out earlier this year with Init Records called Every Branch On It’s Way Down.

OHMs Peak: We love the album art. Quirky majestic feel. Who was the creator and what’s the story behind it?

Houston: 100% Jeff Halland

OHMs Peak: ‘San Diego’ and ‘Dscpln’ are two of the most catchy and anthemic tracks of the year for us. Guaranteed radio hits back in the day. How has the evolution within the music industry and ‘streaming’ era changed your view or approach?

Wow thanks. Actually San Diego is the one song we came up with entirely as a band in the practice space. And you know, I wouldn’t say the music industry has had any effect on how we write but technology definitely has.

OHMs Peak: Houston is stranded on an island with only a solar powered record player. The entire band must agree to only 1 album to have during your stay… what album is it?

Impossible! There’s zero chance we’d agree without a brawl but if I had to guess it’d probably be a Cure record or Van Halen.


Houston are:

Jeff Halland - Vocals/Guitar

Lane Soderberg - Bass/Vocals

Ian Prince - Drums

Follow Houston: Bandcamp


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