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Basement Family (Eerie Ennui)

Released: 2022

Genre: Math rock, Punk

Sounds Like: June of 44, Fugazi

Homeland: Chicago, Illinois

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Album Overview

  • Another spectacular release from one of our favorite labels, Ghost is Clear Records

  • Basement Family have a rich and very original sound that encompasses offbeat math rock sound with splashes of punk infusion

  • Psychedelic fuzz with complicated arrangements along with excellent contrast. The subtle melodic hooks strengthen with each listen

  • The lead vocals of guitarist Alex Auby has soft tone, similar to Dead Meadow's Jason Simon

  • Errie Ennue is a grower, the album just seems to getter better over time, especially when you hear new quirks and nuances throughout

  • The album is loaded with offbeat and memorable hooks and a plethora of minimal distorted fuzz. The Basement Family has this unique intangible chemistry about them that just soaks into your skin. Clearly one of our favorites of 2022


Standout Track(s)

Struggle Run

This track provides a glimpse into Basement Family’s vision. They turn discord into beauty. So many great off-beat contrast and change-ups on this track. We love the complexity and boldness to this track. While perhaps not as melodic as the other tracks, it’s a bold movement into the experimental side of things.


Track Listing:

1. Something Important :38

2. Feral Light 4:59

3. Green Wave 3:52

4. Mouth Waterer 7:47

5. Serial Queen 3:30

6. Head Retention 5:07

7. Struggle Run 3:54

8. Eerie Ennui 2:47

9. Clone Club 7:25

10. The Despondent 4:07


Brew Pairing

High Camp IPA will pair nicely with this album. From Bale Breaker Brewing in Washington, this 7.3% IPA has a piney aroma and welcome bitterness that will creep up on you.

Basement Family are:

Jesse Skolmoski- Drums

Alex Auby- Guitar, Lead vocals

Joel Schafer- Bass, additional vocals

Follow Basement Family: Bandcamp / Facebook


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