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Almanac Man (For Your Cause)

Crank this to 10.3 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Math rock, Post-hardcore

Sounds Like: Dining With Dogs, At The Drive In, Godzillionaire

Homeland: Denver, Colorado

Nerver Cash

Album Overview

  • The trio deliver brilliantly layered math rock that will further unfold into clarity with each listen

  • Innovative angled rhythms richly driven melodies

  • Dooley and Picco battling vocals are entrancing and absolutely infectious

  • Holtz’s bass-work underpinning seems Jesus Lizard-like worthy. Pure talent

  • Almanac Man is as tight and cohesive as can be. Exceptional vision and chemistry for a debut album


Track Listing:

1. godriff (4:28)

Anthemic wild mood swings and change-ups make for a captivating piece.

2. King and Queens (4:47)

Unconventional build-up and off-kilter way to drive a heartfelt melody through.

3. see through twilight (4:43)

Love the care free vocal harkening. Reminds us of the amazing Bo Bud Greene….hardcore geniuses from the 90s.

4. inco-habitant (2:30)

Contains the heaviest guitar riffs….staightatcha!

5. Small faith (4:52) Standout Track

Doom-infused brilliance. Absolutely love the despair in the vocals. Amazing build-up.

6. Gloomed Moon(5:22)

Totally divergent vocal style that again will grow with you over time. Mono-tone build-up. Impactful and unique.


Brew Pairing

In Fort Collins Colorado we invite you to Equinox Brewing and their 10.4% ABV masterpiece Super Collider Imperial IPA. The perfect match to ‘For Your Cause’. Bold hoppiness for this Single Malt And Single Hop Imperial IPA! The result is an explosion of malt hops gluons and quarks..

Almanac Man are:

Brian Dooley - Guitar, Vocals

Scott Picco - Drums, Vocals

Nick Holtz - Bass

Follow Almanac Man: Bandcamp / Facebook


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