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Godhead Lizard (V838)

Crank this to 8.9 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Clutch, Lo Pan, Boss Keloid

Homeland: Quebec

Godhead Lizard

Track Overview:

1. Vertigo (6:16)

A brief chillin' intro leads us to some hefty rhythmic fuzz that stoner rock enthusiasts will salivate over. The vocals kick in and we are in full Godhad Lizard mode. The lead vocals are upfront and very distinct, reminds us of a crossbreed between Neil Fallon, Mark Hennessy and Alex Hurst of Boss Keloid.

2. Cracks & Mirror (3:34)

The fuzz is deep on this one and on the verge of sounding over distorted, but they pull back a bit, it sounds tremendous when cranked. The offbeat vocal rhythm is very interesting and keeps us engaged.

3. Chiskar (3:46)

Bluesy heavy riffs abound on this track. The vocals are in top form and shows a wide range.

4. W?AT O.D. (3:57)

A fuzzier Black Sabbath tone appears along side of classic stoner rhythms.

5. Monocerotis (3:48)

A meandering, hypnotic instrumental in the beginning gives way to manic sounds of lunatic screams.

6. Bending Waters (4:29)

A gritty tune with tons of contrast, this song is a blast.

7. Gates Of Kurnugi (8:22) Standout Track

This song is ridiculously good. It has it all; stoner blues, good vocals and heavy psychedelic jamming.


Album Nuggets

  • V838 shows more growth and tighter musicianship from their previous release

  • The production is solid. The sound is thick with some slight distortion and clean percussion

  • Vince's vocal prowess is ramped up on this album

  • This album should propel them in the heavy rock community


Brew Pairing

Crank up this album with some Clarity Rarity IPA by Bale Breaker Brewing in Washington. This 7.5% Pale Ale is hazy with notes of peach, honeydew and aromas of pine. A unique and flavorful IPA to enjoy with the abundance of heavy fuzz.

Godhead Lizard are:

Vince - vocals

Jo - drums

Nick - guitar

Phil - bass

Follow Godhead Lizard: Facebook / Bandcamp

The Space Huns


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