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Demonauta (Low Melodies About Chaos)

Crank this to 9.8 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Los Natas, Truckfighters, Arenna

Homeland: Santiago, Chile

Eight Bells

Album Overview

  • The stoner rock juggernauts from Santiago, Chile return with yet another blissfully heavy fuzzed album

  • Low Melodies About Chaos is loaded with hypnotic bouncing rhythms and psychedelic jams

  • The vocals are in typical Demonauta fashion, low toned and a bit echoed

  • What we love about Demonautas' sound is their ability to capture that 90s stoner rock feel while staying fresh


Track Listing:

1. Tinto 3:36

2. Ashes 7:08

3. Evil Minds 4:20

4. Garbage Breeder 4:03

5. Wardenclyffe 3:29

6. Astral Traveler 6:42

7. Jupiter's Moons 6:13

8. Nobody Cares 3:16

9. Through the Cumulonimbus 6:28


Standout Track(s)

Evil Minds

Classic Demonauta stoner rock bouncy rythem ensues with echoed and distorted vocals.


Brew Pairing

Not Totally Evil by Wisconsin's The Brewing Projekt. This 7.8% Dopplebock tastes of caramel and toasted bread with a hint of honey. It's a smooth, malty and somewhat sweet. A nice pairing with Demonauta.

Demonauta are:

David Véliz Molina, Guitar/Vocals

Miguel Q. Zagal, Bass/Vocals

Alejandro Sanhueza de la Fuente, Drums

Follow Demonauta: Bandcamp / Facebook


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