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Mother Iron Horse (Under the Blood Moon)

Crank this to 9.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Sludge Metal

Sounds Like: Black Tusk, Down

Homeland: Salem, Massachusetts

Mother Iron Horse

Album Overview

  • Hailing from the capital that encapsulates the end of the harvest season eight tracks loaded with Hallow’s Eve in mind

  • Luca’s vocals are gritty, dark and captivating. Brilliant intensity throughout

  • The sophomore release hits new layers of darker imagery and intensity. Dramatic uptick.

  • Excellent production with a smokey haze of constant fuzz


Track Breakdown:

1. The Devil’s Work (3:22)

Luca despair and eye towards the darkness hits you dead on to begin.

2. The Witches (4:36)

Infectious hook. Every album needs their stuck in mind track.

3. Old Man Satan (4:56)

I think they forgot to mix-up the guitar rhythms on this one, similar undercurrent as The Witches. Love the bass-line.

4. Nocturnal Eternal (5:04)

One of the more free flowing tracks, more breathing and Luca shows his powerful range.

5. Under the Blood Moon (4:36)

Title track hits you with some grinding fretwork and even evil keeled love.

6. Samhain Dawn (6:26) Standout Track

These melodies hit home and deliver us to evil. Occult backdrop love the buildup.

7. Samhain Night (4:02)

Wonderful shift into a more harrowing backdrop.

8. Mass At Dungeon Rock (3:58)

Groovelicsous ending...


Brew Pairing

Of course we must hit this album with a selection from Salem Massachusetts own Notch Brewing. Known for their lower ABV selection but plentiful taste we welcome in their 3.1% ABV oak smoked wheat beer, Piwo Grodziskie. A historic smoked beer style also known as “Gratzer” or “Polish Champagne,” is a low-alcohol, highly-carbonated, refreshingly light-bodied wheat ale that has an oak-smoked flavor melded with a clean hop bitterness..

Mother Iron Horse are:

Adam Luca

Marco Medina

Chris Kobialka

Dylan Sullivan

Follow Mother Iron Horse: Bandcamp / Facebook


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