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Crooked Spine (Horses of Summer)

Crank this to 7.8 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Post punk, Noise rock

Sounds Like: Lesion, Gorilla Biscuits

Homeland: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Crooked Spine

Album Overview

  • Old school New York City punk vibes sprinkled throughout

  • DeGrado shines when singing, less so with his spoken word

  • Opener and closer are well worth your time……solid post-punk

  • Foursome’s fifth release. Checkout their diverse library


Track Listing:

1. Shanghai White Oak Tree (2:17)

Punklicious picture painting. Love the lyrics on this track.

2. Spit in My Eye (2:12)

Deep rick base accompany some piercing fretwork are swallowed by GG Allen-esque vibes.

3. Burning Pt. 2 (2:29)

Steve Martin spoken word? Oddest of the lot.

4. Paoli in the Foothills (6:11)

Off the beaten mellow track that contains some raw off-kilter heart. Give it time to breathe

5. The Delicate (Shipping News) (3:09)

Rivals the opener for best track. Good grinding punk-faire.


Brew Pairing

Tired Hands Brewing and their deceitful potion 'Extra Extra Knuckle' is the perfect post punk Crooked Spine blend. A Double IPA brewed at 8.6% is brewed with a bit of fluffy malted wheat and hopped. Notes of passion fruit, mango nectar, jellied strawberry, ripe honeydew, and mandarin orange.

Crooked Spine are:

Garrett Bolin - Bass

Evan Campbell - Drums

Joey DeGrado - Vocals

Bill Magerr - Guitar

Follow Crooked Spine: Bandcamp / Facebook


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