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Bloodiest (Self Titled)

Crank this to 10 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2016

Genre: Progressive Metal, Sludge

Sounds Like: Young Widows, Dripping Goss, Swans

We could have easily glossed over this new release. With a band name like ‘Bloodiest’ you can't blame certain music enthusiasts for thinking death metal, lack of contrast, and incessant high decibels. Oh contraire mon frère, this ain’t no fargin bludgeoning one level metal act. Instead, our ears were pleasantly perked to the sound of a very pensive mood setting act. An act with free-flowing texture and eight songs that have the ability to really alter your mindset.

Please do yourself a favor and welcome this six piece Chicago act to your music collection. While we yearn for films that take us away and get us thinking differently about the world around us, so does Bloodiest. A sonic escape very difficult to pin down into one genre. While maintaining a dark and ominous backdrop, the self-titled album dances between sludge, doom, avant garde, stoner, progressive and experimental. All while maintaining a central theme movie soundtrack quality. The production is sensational as the vocals deliver vibrant echo along with grinding Tool-like guitar clarity, and some very stellar percussion-work.

Track Summary:

Mesmerize (5:18) - Terrific opener with Floater-like vocals coupled with hints of Adam Jones’ fretwork. The despair and circuitous ways of this track make it perfectly titled. A terrific build and culmination ensue all with a boatload of experimental beauty.

The Widow (7:53) - Persistent repetitive percussion support a brilliant onslaught of varied acoustics and electric fretwork. Gregorian chants lurking in the background takes the listener away. Enter some of the best vocals we have heard in a long time. The accompaniment drops volume down to let the vocals soar. This one will send chills throughout. Perhaps our favorite track on the album.

Condition (2:55) - Cleanse the palate with a beautiful instrumental. Dark melodies accompanied by chord changing creeks that will more than intrigue the listener. Then culminating in rudimentary degenerative paralyzing chords.

Broken Teeth (7:32) - We can’t help but conjure up images of Roger Waters at the onset of this one. The track quickly takes hold with vibrant melodies and a grinding underscore that will peak the listeners interest to see how this thing is going to end. The build-up and chaos that ensues does not disappoint.

Mind Overlaps (3:23) - Continuity in the backdrop, but this song is ultimately soundtrack-like filler. The track maintains the escape, but lacks statement.

He Is Disease (6:36) - Clearly the most evil and heavy track on the album. While the vocals are very diverse on this album, the vocal tangent on this track is freaking impressive and downright ballsy.

Separation (7:58) - This track reminds us of Swans meets Evil Blizzard. Separation is drilled in your head. The power of repetitiveness, but swirling echo and some of the most original licks you will hear. Reverb and fuzz tones galore.

Suffer (2:04) - The closer is concise and leaves us satisfied. Why not delve into some new hardcore metal while maintaining the drone and dark melodies from previous tracks. A truly powerful punctuation on a terrific album.

Standout Tracks: The Widow, Separation, Mesmerize


Bruce Lamont - Vocals

Cayce Key - Drums

Tony Lazzara - Guitar

Eric Chaleff - Guitar

Colin Dekuiper - Bass

Nandini Khaund - Piano/Synth

It is not uncommon where bands with as many as six members lose our attention after a few rotations. Often we find too many musicians drowning out the melodies and dampening the contrast. Much to the contrary with Bloodiest, as each musician respectfully intertwines with each other to craft a fine piece of work with surprising clarity. At Rotation11 our passion is discovering music with an innovative and fresh sound. Bloodiest exude hand picked freshness with a very intelligent and organic make-up. We encourage you to put this in heavy rotation as it will significantly enhance the diversity of your library.

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