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Black Sleep of Kali (Our Slow Decay)

Crank this to 8 of 11

Released: 2010

Genre: Heavy Rock, Sludge

Sounds Like: Baroness, Kylesa, Torche

It’s pounding, aggressive, heavy and sludgy... just a few words describing Black Sleep of Kali’s Our Slow Decay album. What makes this a stand out from the crowd is the infectious melody within each song. The vocals are top-notch, with standout belches to harmonized interludes, supporting the music beautifully. If you were ever a fan of the band Black Market Flowers, the vocals resemble this style, just a bit heavier. The drumming is intense and is the driving force for most of the album.

There really is no weak moment here, track 1 "There is Nothing" starts right off with crushing power vocals and a sweet bottom-heavy deep sound. Followed by "The Crow and the Snake" and "Eulogy", which are extremely catchy, intense rhythmic songs, the vocals really shine in "Euology", it’s actually uplifting. "In Time", is an 8 minute down-tempo heavy groove with exceptional vocals, sounds amazing on headphones. "The Great Destroyer" is intense sludge with tight drumming leading the way. The change-ups are flawless as shown in "Cries of the Crow", 4 minutes in, the song takes a nice subtle turn into a smooth heavy rhythm, it’s like enjoying one your favorite ales. The album closes with more stoner driven, guitar driven songs such as "Big Sky" and "An End with No Beginning".

There is a wealth of talent here, and we at Rotation11 hope they don’t fly under the radar, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

Standout Tracks: Eulogy, The Crow and the Snake

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