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The Annie Crooners (Moon Sugar)

Crank this to 9.5 of 11 - Editor's Pick

Released: 2017

Genre: Hard Rock

Sounds Like: Sugartooth, Local H

We gave this album a rotation because the great Conrad Kealy from And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead fame completed the artwork. Just a passing rotation as we were curious as to a potential connection. Well about five rotations later we're knee-deep in the authentic emotion delivered by The Annie Crooners finding it difficult to move on. We found ourselves addicted to the sincerity and raw energy that lead singer Seb Withycombe exuded coupled by the rare chemistry apparent within the five piece band.

Given this natural cohesiveness, we were thinking perhaps these folks have five or so albums under their belt and have flown under the radar to this point. Nope, wrong again, Moon Sugar is the Australian band's debut release.

Track Listing:

1. Mortarmelon (5:07)

2. Drunken Old Man (5:16)

3. Crimea (6:53)

4. Soulman (4:51)

5. Zaibeats (5:24)

6. The Good Vein (10:17)

What is the standout track off of Moon Sugar?

While there is not much drop off and all tracks hold their weight, the opener "Mortamelon" holds nothing back. We particularly love the bass-line undercurrent and melody and percolates to the surface as it infects the onslaught of diverse fretwork. Chirnside is amazing on the drums and we would envision quite a live performance. Great classic build-up on this opening track that will suck you in to keeping this one in heavy rotation. By the way "Crimea" comes up just shy of the standout track... great build-up and tapping its toe into some progressive rock territories.  

What adult beverage do you recommend accompany Moon Sugar?

Vic Secret Australian Double IPA from the Three Notch'd Brewing Company. 7.4% ABV and excellent balance. Not too heavy with some sincere bite. Named after Victoria, the state in Australia, this unique hop gives this beer a big passion fruit, pineapple fruit profile. The haze and the super low bitterness of this beer help create an breezy fruit filled creation.

Band Members:

Steve Wilcox (guitar)

Hamish Chirnside (drums)

David Chirnside (guitar)

Andrew Chirnside (bass)

Seb Withycombe (guitar, vocals)

Final Thoughts.

Straight shooting hard rock bands tend to live and die by their frontman. Vocals are too much at the forefront and music aficionados quickly see through insincere lyrics and emotion. Much like one of our favorite acts, Sugartooth and their frontman Tim Gruse,  Seb Withycombe bleeds raw emotion and charisma. His vocal style is endearing and infectious to the bone.Moon Sugar is one hell of a debut that shows tremendous maturity. We can see these guys branching out into more experimental territories as they continue to share their interests. We highly recommend you put this one in heavy rotation as it earns an Editor's Pick in our book. We hope to follow them into a very prosperous career.

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