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Telekinetic Yeti (Primordial)

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock, Sludge

Sounds Like: Kylesa, Torche, Droids Attack

Homeland: Iowa

Telekinetic Yeti

Album Overview

The sophomore release by the Iowa based stoner/sludge duo is a fucking sonic display of mammoth heavy fuzz.


The duo of Alex and Rockwel is amazing. The sound these guys put forward is astonishing for a two piece band. Primordial has it all for stoner/sludge lovers; it takes us on a heavy psychedelic journey while treating us to some classic stoner blues. We were able to witness this beast at Desertfest NY on the Texas stage and they absolutely crushed it.


Alex Baumann consistently belts out with an enthusiastic rustic tone. His vocals are not over-the-top sludge driven.


Excellent album art that will lure you in. It's a beautiful pice of artwork that reminds us of Arik Roper, maybe it is, where not sure.


Track Listing:

1. Primordial (4:35)

2. Ancient Nug (4:51)

3. Ghost Train (3:30)

4. Stoned Ape Theory (5:25)

5. Light In A Dying World (1:25)

6. Beast (4:42)

7. Toke Wizard (4:39)

8. Rogue Planet (4:32)

9. Tides of Change (2:48)

10. Invention Of Fire (3:56)

11. Cult Of Yeti (3:24)


Standout Track(s)

Ancient Nug

Damn this song hits all the right notes. It begins with a modest Troche-like heaviness, than bam! out of nowhere it kicks into another gear. A gear only Yeti can summon. Then we are treated a doomier slowdown towards end. Just so much happening in this 4:51 minute tune.


Brew Pairing

Hayes Creek Sour by Maor Hill Brewing based in Maryland. This 7.5% Farmhouse Ale Saison hits with some refreshing fruity light sourness. This medium bodied sour is a great pairing with the trippy sludge of Telekinetic Yeti.

Telekinetic Yeti are:

Alex Baumann - Guitar/Vocals

Rockwel Heim - Drums

Follow Telekinetic Yeti: Bandcamp / Facebook


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