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Slift (Ummon)

Crank this to 9.8 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2020

Genre: Heavy Psych Rock, Space Rock

Sounds Like: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Oh Sees


We took an unorthodox approach to this one by way of an all out SLIFT binge. We downloaded their entire library off BandCamp and took a deep dive for 3 or 4 weeks. The realization that we came to is that Ummon, the band’s latest album, absolutely steers them in a new and impressive direction. Do not get us wrong their three other albums are impressive in the playing fields of Thee Oh Sees and King Gizzard and well worth your time.

Ummon, however, is quite the cerebral adventure. While somewhat overwhelming to describe in words, the eleven tracks whisk you away in a very expansive and calming way. Jean’s piercing fretwork is psychedelic to the bone complimented by majestic echoing harmonized vocals throughout. Remi’s bass undercurrent keeps the movement alive. This album truly provides the illusion that listen vial their exploratory lens. The feeling of movement and navigation through out as the album hits some very unconventional angles, harmonies and space laden landscapes.

Track Listing:

1. Ummon (5:45)

2. It’s Coming (8:29)

3. Thousand Helmets of Gold (4:52)

4. Citadel on a Satellite (10:07)

5. Hyperion (4:27)

6. Altitude Lake (6:04)

7. Sonar (5:05)

8- Dark was Space, Cold were the Stars (5:55)

9. Aurore aux Confins (2:48)

10. Son Dong’s Cavern (5:15)

11. Lions, Tigers and Bears (13:18)

Standout Track:

"Citadel on a Satellite" absolutely catapults you into another atmosphere. Spiraling fretwork and a sandstorm of echo make for one of themes impactful tracks on the album. Tremendous contrast abound and feverish chants will leave you satisfied and a SLIFT fan for life.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

If you can get your hands on a Bellerose Belgium Bière blonde extra made in France, you are in for a treat. 6.5% ABV this is a classic Belgian style blond beer which is slightly malty but still refreshing. If you’re a fan of IPA and want to try Belgian beers, this may be a good place to start. Expansive notes that will sit perfectly as Ummon forges forward in exploration.



Captivation and Variety

9.9 out of 11

Vocal Prowess

9.7 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy

9.5 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess

10.2 out of 11

Bass Undercurrent

9.6 out of 11


10.1 out of 11

Overall Album Flow

9.8 out of 11


9.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics

9.4 out of 11

Production Value

10.1out of 11


Final Thoughts:

The trio from Toulouse, France have really found an impressive new direction in Ummon. The clarity in production and more vivid space rock visions have made this one a heavyweight contender in our search for album of the year. Space rock and heavy psych fans will no doubt drool over all that this album brings. The trio clearly have poured a shit ton of creative energy and thought and it fucking shines.

Band Members:

bass player (Rémi)

guitarist (Jean)

drummer (Canek)

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