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For The Mathematics (We Impend)

Crank this to 9.4 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2006

Genre: Math rock

Sounds Like: At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, These Arms Are Snakes

Homeland: Ontario

For The Mathematics

Album Overview

Where the hell have we been and how the fuck did we miss this one all these years? Ok granted they apparently have a previous full length and we can only find a public group with 3 likes on FaceBook addressing the band, but damn these are six brilliant tracks. Back in the math rock heyday this EP would have shined through the likes of Drive Like Jehu and At the Drive In. Ok... lets back-up, the band is For The Mathematics hailing from Ontario, Canada and this is a must purchase for math rock aficionados.

What makes We Impend so incredible is amongst the organized chaos, the vocal production is amazingly clear. Quite often such harsh vocals would lose fidelity and distinction but the production on this EP is absolutely insane. We Impend is jam packed with math rock prowess and melodies that will send chills down your spine.

Why For the Mathematics broke up in 2008 is beyond us. Bottom line is we miss the heyday of this genre and For The Mechanics were gravely overlooked. Buy this six track wonder and you will not be disappointed.


Track Listing:

1. This Transient

2. A Versus

3. Apparatchik

4. Meta

5. Term Satiety

6. We Impend


Track Breakdown

This Transient: Clearly the heaviest and most chaotic track on the album. Don't worry your ears will adjust and if you get the math rock genre, you should quickly perk up. "I want you to hurt like I do" penetrates rings home. The spastic melodies work to perfection.

A Versus: Maddening lyrics and very distraught vocals fuel this splendid track. Love the change-ups and solid percussion work. The angst and sadness displayed in the lead vocals during "A Versus" is quite impactful.

Apparatchik: Throughout the EP we hear definitive influences from At The Drive-In's Cedric Bixler-Zavala, perhaps most apparent on this track. Unlike the Mars Volta who can go way off course and lose us at times, this track exemplifies how tight For The Mathematics is. Very difficult to pull of the description of "tight" when you are in the math rock genre, yet they find away to pull it off.

Meta: Robb Barnes' vocal range on this track is otherworldly. Check-out the high octaves being hit here. Be assured we will do what we can to obtain more information about what Robb Barnes has done in the future. Our first attempts have come up short, but we press on.

Term Satiety: This one will take perhaps four or five listens to assimilate the chaos and offbeat rhythms. Wild bass rhythms come to the surface after you give this one a gander. Oh the complexity on this track!

We Impend: The title track brings things down a notch allowing the intensity in our eardrums to recover. Love the harmonies on this track and it is a very intelligent closer. Sharp and abrupt ending makes for only one reaction after listening through all six tracks... wow, these fuckers were good.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Hopsters IPA from Bench Brewing in Canada. This 6.8% hazy IPA is crisp with flavors of citrus which makes for a good pairing with Turned To Stone.

For The Mathematics are:

Robb Barnes - Vocals, Guitar

Clayton Fisher - Guitar

Nate Mason - Guitar, Vox, Keys

Liam Jaeger - Bass

Mike Desroches - Drums

Follow For The Mathematics: Bandcamp


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