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Concrete Ships (In Observance)

Crank this to 10.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Noise Rock, Math Rock

Sounds Like: The Schomberg Fair, Dining With Dogs, Wooden Shjips

Homeland: Lincoln, UK

Concrete Ships

Album Overview

  • The UK trio have delivered one of the best noise rock albums to hit our hemispheres in the last decade

  • The band’s 2nd release and 1st full length melds noise, math rock and metal into its own very melodic and dark vision

  • This album flows so seamlessly. A beautifully dark journey from a very gifted trio

  • In Observance will grow with you over time and be your steadfast dark sonic companion

  • Album art by Fraser Briggs


Track by Track Breakdown:

1. Flotilla (4:01)

Steady wins the race with this consistent driving undercurrent. Vocal despair and the feeling of pushing against the tides with victory in sight.

2. A Record of Ancient Matters (7:47)

Thompson’s opening powerful vocal prowess followed by sensational calming bass solo at the 1:40 mark combine for an engrossing journey thru a very dark lens.

3. Clouds (9:12) Standout Track

Uptempo high energy with wild melodic tilts. The trio shows there range of ability on this one. Dickinson fucking shines with amazing fretwork that morphs into psychedelic trance at the 3 minute mark.

4. Observe (1:52)

Dark interlude of minimalism.

5. Vibration White Finger (8:23)

Thompson gets very dark pulling in even deeper vocals. Love the build-up on this track. While the skies never fully open, you feel the ascent through the very dark clouds.

6. We Never Were (9:52)

The closer infuses black metal laced karma. Absolutely love the combative harmony. Wild angles and innovation on this track. Last 2:20 of the song kicks into high gear. Rivals ‘Clouds’ for the best track no doubt.


Brew Pairing

Lord Hobo’s Juice Lord NE IPA blends perfectly with In Observance. At 6% ABV the new release is filled with hazy voluptuous hoppiness. Taste follows a tad more assertive apricot, tangerine, peach, and passionfruit. Balanced….steady wins the race

Concrete Ships are:

Chris Thompson - Bass / Vocals

Joe Dickinson - Guitar

Jamie Batt - Drums

Follow Concrete Ships: Facebook / Bandcamp

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