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Saturn's Husk (Maree Noire)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Sludge, Doom, Post-doom

Sounds Like: YOB, Om, ISIS

Saturn's Husk

Maree Noire is a 33 minute nautical journey spiraling through doom and Post-rock brought to you by The Latvian trio Saturn's Husk. The band's sophomore album paints a very dark picture of how intimidating and expansive the ocean can be. The album does an excellent job building off contrast and has more texture than most instrumental acts that have come across our desks over the last year. One of the more attractive elements of the album is the bands ability to accentuate the soft to provide the listener with this drifting airy feel making the heavier moments deliver more dramatic weight. The album crosses over into some very poignant post rock moments. Breikss is absolutely mesmerizing with his tremendously intricate bass lines. Kastanove fuzztone riffs compliment the brooding backdrop quite well.

Track Listing:

1. Leaving the Red Bay (2:41)

2. Seaborne (5:02)

3. Blood As Salvation (6:59)

4. Graves At Sea (3:03)

5. The Leviathan (7:25)

6. Dragged Into Abyss (5:16)

7. Womb of Darkness (2:50)

What is the standout track?

Not an easy question given the nautical flowing concept here. We will give the nod to "The Leviathan" for its majestic and anthemic guitar riffs. We love the consistent Sleep-like backdrop that is provides some of the most powerful contrast on the album. The last minute will send chills throughout.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?

Labietis Lentenu Kāvējs brewed by Alus Darbnica Labietis 7.2% ABV a black ale that is dark and full bodied beer with distinct roasted malt and dryhopped with Galaxy and Jade hops for an extremely intense overall experience. An award winning Latvian beer.

How is the production?

Pretty solid. Good clarity and an overall positive headphone experience.


Reynars Breikss - Bass

Armands Baranovskis - Percussion/Synth

Jurijs Kastanov - Guitars

Final Thoughts for Maree Noire.

We listen to a boatload of instrumental doom and Post-rock. We can't tell you how many go through one rotation and do not prompt a second listen. Maree Noire really caught our attention primarily due to its ability to paint a vivid picture that matched the song titles in our mind. The trio has a gift for solid song writing and playing off contrast. Give this one a gander and throw some bucks their way (currently a 'name your price' on BandCamp). Our positive experience has moved is to also have their debut 'The Great Malefic' from 2015 in heavy rotation.

Follow Saturn's Husk: Bandcamp / Facebook


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